How to pick uni­verse you need and skip Uni­ty cutscene in Starfield NG+

When rush­ing my fourth new game in Starfield, I tried to roll a new uni­verse seed that I need­ed — the one where I encounter myself. After see­ing the end­ing cin­e­mat­ic for like 20 times, I decid­ed to see whether it’s pos­si­ble to skip the end­ing cutscene or to pick the uni­verse I need.

The bad news is that it’s not pos­si­ble to skip it. At least, I did­n’t find a reli­able method of doing so. But the good news is that you can choose the uni­verse vari­ant that will spawn once you start the new game after embrac­ing the Uni­ty. Here’s a step-by-step on how to do it.

Forc­ing the required uni­verse vari­ant to spawn

The vari­ant of the uni­verse that gets spawned depends on a few glob­al vari­ables, which are used when the One Small Step quest starts. We’re going to alter them just before.

  1. Acti­vate the Uni­ty, wait for the cred­its to start rolling and the hint to skip them to appear.
  2. Open the con­sole (~).
  3. Enter set 17E727 to 100.
  4. Then, enter set 1801B9 to X, where X is a num­ber between 0 and 9, includ­ing. That’s the uni­verse vari­ant, explained below.
  5. Skip cred­its, pro­ceed as usual.

The num­ber men­tioned on step 4 sets the desired vari­ant of the uni­verse, which can be:

  • 0 — You meet the non-star­born ver­sion of your­self. You can con­vince them to join your crew, and thus you men­tor your­self. There are no oth­er mem­bers here.
  • 1 — Same as 0, but all the mem­bers are here.
  • 2 — Mul­ti­ple ver­sions of you hang out in the con­stel­la­tion. You can’t inter­act past the intro dia­logue. There’s no way to kill them either. I’m not sure if there is more here.
  • 3 — Andre­ja has tak­en over the place. She wants to take down the con­stel­la­tion. Killing her gives you her clothes.
  • 4 — Wal­ter Stroud buys up the place to sell you the arti­facts for 100k. It does­n’t make a lot of sense, as he prob­a­bly pays more to build The Eye. Killing him gives you his suit.
  • 5 — You meet the hunter who has already killed every­one. He then gives you the artifacts.
  • 6 — Cora Coe has come back as a star­born. She is here to avenge the death of her father.
  • 7 — You meet Sarah at the door, but she is wound­ed. She seems upset, and you only find out that your­self is already here and has killed every­one. You have to fight a evil ver­sion of you.
  • 8 — Chil­dren’s con­stel­la­tion — All mem­bers have dis­ap­peared, and only chil­dren are run­ning the place. They just give you the artifacts.
  • 9 — All the mem­bers of the Con­stel­la­tions have retired, and Sarah is a suc­cu­lent. Or is she?
Yeah… Not the Sarah I expected.

Post is based on the infor­ma­tion by u/TiffanyGaming on Red­dit.