Move assets to anoth­er project in Unre­al Engine 4

A lit­tle guide on how to copy any asset you like from Epic’s exam­ple projects and put them into yours.

If you want to know how to move assets to anoth­er project or even copy a blue­print to anoth­er project — you’re in the right place.

Unre­al Engine 4 has plen­ty of exam­ple projects which you can study to improve your skills. And some of the mar­ket­place assets come as sep­a­rate projects and can’t be eas­i­ly import­ed. So how do you copy some­thing like a mate­r­i­al, a tex­ture, or even a whole blue­print into your project?

Let’s take Shoot­er Game as an exam­ple. Open the Learn tab in the Epic Games Launch­er and find Shoot­er Game. Down­load it and make a new project from it.

There are two ways you can go about it. Let’s open our project.

Move assets to anoth­er project

This is the rec­om­mend­ed way to move assets to anoth­er pro­jec­t’s fold­er called Asset Migra­tion. You can read detailed instruc­tions in the Unre­al Wiki. The dif­fer­ence here from just copy­ing files over (which we’ll look at a bit fur­ther) is that migrat­ing car­ries over all of the asset’s depen­den­cies. So if you migrate a mate­r­i­al, Unre­al will copy all of its linked textures.

When migrat­ing an asset, all of its depen­den­cies are car­ried over as well.

To move assets to anoth­er fold­er with the Asset Migra­tion, you will need to find the asset you need in the Con­tent Brows­er, right-click it and under the Asset Actions menu, select Migrate… option.

Move assets to another proect with the help of the migrate asset submenu

Copy-paste fold­ers in explorer

Find the asset you’d like to move to anoth­er fold­er. Right-click it and find Show in Explor­er option:

Then just copy what­ev­er you need, and paste it into your pro­jec­t’s Con­tent fold­er:

Cheers, mates. Do not for­get to also check tips on work­ing with the blue­print edi­tor!