How to Copy Blue­print to Anoth­er Project in Unre­al Engine

Some­times you might want to bring var­i­ous assets — blue­prints, par­ti­cle sys­tems, mate­ri­als, and so on — into your project from anoth­er. To under­stand how you can copy blue­print to anoth­er project or import assets from anoth­er project, keep reading!

Copy blue­print to anoth­er project

Using this method you can migrate an entire project into yours or move a spe­cif­ic asset only.

Step 1. Find the required content

Open, if not already, your Con­tent Brows­er and locate the asset that you want to move. I’ll use this BP_Resource blue­print as an example:

Blueprint in the Content Browser, selected for migration

Step 2. Select Migrate option from the menu

Right-click the asset and select Asset ActionsMigrate…

Migrate option in the context menu with which we copy blueprint to another project

Step 3. Con­firm assets

Once you click Migrate…, an Asset Report dia­log will appear, enu­mer­at­ing all of the assets and depen­den­cies. Click OK.

Step 4. Find a project to migrate to

Your sys­tem file pick­er will open. Nav­i­gate to the tar­get project loca­tion and select its Con­tent folder.

If the migra­tion suc­ceeds, after file copy­ing has been com­plet­ed, you will see a con­fir­ma­tion mes­sage with the list of assets migrated.

You can then open your oth­er project and see your migrat­ed content.

Migra­tion vs. Copying

If you’re unsure how migra­tion dif­fers from copy­ing the files, I sug­gest read­ing anoth­er post about Migra­tion vs. Copy­ing in Unre­al Engine.