Sim­ple things I wish I knew when start­ing Enshrouded

A col­lec­tion of var­i­ous tips and tricks for those that are yet to start or have recent­ly start­ed Enshroud­ed. You wish you knew this!

Hon­est­ly, there are no things I wish I knew before start­ing Enshroud. I’m glad I got it on release and expe­ri­enced every­thing first-hand. The expe­ri­ence is so much bet­ter this way. But if you’re look­ing for some tips that will save you some butt pain, here you go.

  • You will be able to use the items lying in the chests when craft­ing. You just haven’t dis­cov­ered this fea­ture yet. Look for a carpenter 🙂
  • Always car­ry a pick­axe with you.You nev­er know when you’ll need to dig a tun­nel, exca­vate a chest, or dig out some steps on a steep mountain.
  • The avail­able map is small­er than its drawn bound­aries. About 3/4 is unavail­able so far.
  • You can place up to 20 altars — 1 for the base and 19 more as fast­trav­el points. Place them where there are no nat­ur­al fast­trav­el points (spires).
  • You can repair items in ban­dit camps.Convenient if you are far away from teleports.
  • There are hotkeys for inventory/container man­age­ment. Press­ing Shift+R will only put things that are already there in the chest, leav­ing every­thing else in the inventory.
  • The hunter will allow you to craft a bag that adds 8, 16, and 24 slots to your inventory.
  • If you see a locked door, and you don’t have any lock­picks or any­thing to make them out of — just smash the wall next to it with a pick­axe or break the door with an axe (if it’s wooden).
  • Don’t hes­i­tate to break every­thing — bar­rels, fur­ni­ture, oth­er uten­sils: a lot of met­al scraps can be obtained this way.
  • The fights will become more dif­fi­cult. Ene­mies will be more aggres­sive, there will be more of them. ” Beat­ing babies” is a “bonus” of the start­ing location.
  • If you’re in fog and time is run­ning out, try to find some­thing tall like a hill or build­ing. The fog spreads into the low­lands, and an ele­va­tion is a good way to get out of it with­out run­ning out of the zone.
  • You can use the colour of the fog as a guide. Blue is good for you, while red is instant death. You can increase your fog tol­er­ance and “turn” red fog into blue fog.
  • You must drink potions that increase the time in the fog BEFORE descend­ing into the fog.
  • Every­thing out­side the altar zone resets when rel­og­ging (solo) or once per game day. So it is point­less to demol­ish build­ings in vil­lages if they are not inside the zone. The oppo­site is also true — if you cut down a tree inside the zone, it will dis­ap­pear forever.
  • Farm­ing is unbal­anced in a pos­i­tive way. With min­i­mal effort you can get hun­dreds of items with only a cou­ple of items initially.
  • You will need a lot of water. The only reli­able (and con­stant) source of water is the wells in the vil­lages. There will also be a per­son­al well, but you need to make it to the recipe.
  • Resin falls from any trees. Although peo­ple on the inter­net say that it falls from non-green trees (in the first loca­tion it’s most­ly yel­low) more actively.
  • Bases can be built under­ground. Not that it’s nec­es­sary, but it can be done.
  • For under­ground bases, you don’t have to dig every­thing out with a pick­axe first. The land­scape is “removed” when you put blocks in it. So you can “dig” with a four meter foundations.
  • You don’t have to put your bow and staff on the hot­bar. You can equip them from your backpack.
  • The char­ac­ter exists sep­a­rate­ly from the world. That is, you can enter any world with your character.
  • Quests are shared across the serv­er. That is, if some­one joins you on the fifth day of the game, and you have done all the quests — they will not see them and will not get expe­ri­ence for them.