Enshroud­ed: How to get string

For the good part of your game of Enshroud­ed string will be one of the craft­ing ingre­di­ents you will con­stant­ly need. So here’s a quick guide on how to get string in the game.

Craft­ing String from Plant Fiber

String is one of the basic recip­ies that you get ear­ly. For craft­ing a sin­gle String, you will need three Plant fiber. You don’t even need the craft­ing bench, you can cre­ate string from hand.

Get­ting string as a loot drop from spiders

Anoth­er option, though infi­nite­ly more tedious, is to explore cel­lars and crypts to fight the spi­ders. They drop Crit­ter Parts along with the String. Can’t see why you’d choose this option over gath­er­ing bush­es, but hey, who am I to stop you..?

So as you can see, it’s pret­ty easy to get string in Enshroud­ed. Keep at it!